Aboriorth "The Mystical And Tortuous Way Towards The Death Part. I" EP euros 5,00
Amalek "Die Rückkehr Wotans" LP euros 12,00
Amnion "Where The Celestial Flowers Fade" EP euros 5,00
Armanenschaft "Psychedelic Winter" LP euros 12,00
Ars Veneficum / Azaghal "The Will, The Power, The Goat" MLP euros 11,00
Asag "Death Chain" EP euros 5,00
Beastcraft "Dawn Of The Serpent" 3 x 7" BOX + Poster euros 18,00
Black Hate / Be Persecuted "The Dark Key Of Enki" SPLIT GATEFOLD printed with GOLDEN INK EP euros 6,00
Blodarv "Flamekeeper" EP euros 6,00
Bloodhammer "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" GF 2LP euros 14,00
Blood Red Fog (Untitled) GF 2LP euros 16,00
Brisen "Shade Of Soul" LP euros 12,00
Cryptic Wanderings / In The Shades (Split) EP euros 5,00
Cult Of Eibon "Fullmoon Invocation" EP euros 5,00
Cultus / Meslamtaea (Split) EP euros 4,00
Deathrow "Like A Lion Devouring The Sun" EP euros 5,00
Deathville "Plague Of Terror" EP euros 5,00
Defuntos “Um Sofrimento Distante..." EP euros 5,00
Dodsferd / Infernal Hate "Incessant Ode To Defeat" SPLIT EP euros 5,00
Empty "Eternal Cycle Of Decay" LP euros 12,00
Enoid "Suicide Genocide" 10" LP euros 11,00
Eschaton "...For The New Aeon" EP euros 5,00
Freitod "Blasphemous Chants of Glorification" PIC LP euros 14,00
Freitod / Unhuman Disease "same" Split EP euros 6,00
Freitod / Wacht "same" Split with two A2 Posters on clear vinyl EP euros 7,00
Ghost Kommando / White Medal (Split) EP euros 5,00
Glass Coffin "Haunted By The Ghosts Of The Damned" LIMITED ONLY 100 HANDNUMBERED COPIES LP euros 13,00
Hacavitz "Ojpanna" EP euros 5,00
Hakaristi "same" EP euros 6,00
Hellgoat "Eden In Flames" EP euros 5,00
Herbarium "Shepherds Of Winds" Green Vinyl EP euros 6,00
Hrizg "Throne Of The Occult" EP euros 5,00
Hypothermia / Durthang (Split) LP euros 14,00
Iad "Die Prophezeiung" GF PIC EP euros 4,00
Impious Havoc "Dawn Of Nothing" GF LP euros 10,00
Incorporea "To Exorcize The Sun" EP euros 5,00
Instinct / Myrrdin (Split) EP euros 5,50
Ives "Abandon" LIMITED ONLY 200 HANDNUMBERED COPIES LP euros 13,00
Karg "Malstrom" GF LP euros 12,00
Khors "The Flame Of Eternity's Decline" LP euros 12,00
Kilte "Absence" 12" MLP euros 10,00
Kyla "Glory Of Negativity" LP euros 12,00
Lord Time "Forgotten Future" LIMITED ONLY 200 BlOODNUMBERED COPIES LP euros 13,00
Lugubre “Anti Human Black Metal” LP euros 11,00
Lyrinx "Ending The Circle Of Life" 12" MLP euros 8,00
Malauriu / Heretical "Iam Mors Regnat" SPLIT 7" + VINYL CDr EP euros 10,00
Marblebog "Live In Chicago" EP euros 5,50
Marthyrium / Ered "Psalms Of Plagues And Cult Of Death" SPLIT GF EP euros 5,50
Menegroth / Freitod "same" SPLIT 12" MLP euros 11,00
Moloch "Ein Dusterer Winter Kommt" EP euros 5,00
Moloch / Wedard "same" SPLIT EP euros 6,00
Mons Veneris "The Last Twilight Of Existence" EP euros 6,00
Movimento D'Avanguardia Ermetico / Frentrum "Linee Di Vette" SPLIT Standard Version EP euros 6,00
Nachts "Invokation" EP euros 5,00
Nachtvorst "Stills" LP euros 12,00
Necrofrost “Bloodstorms Voktes Over Hytrunghas Dunkle Necrotroner” LP euros 12,00
No Pleasure In Life "Happyness Is Not An Option" LIMITED TO 111 COPIES ONLY - RARE! LP euros 15,00
Nordreich "Skatvals DEMO 1" + poster LP euros 13,00
Nordreich "Am Hünengrab DEMO 2" marble grey vinyl + big Poster LP euros 13,00
Nuklear Frost "Subjugation" LP euros 12,00
Old Wainds "Death Nord Kult" LP euros 12,00
Pagan Heritage / Unjoy (Split) EP euros 5,50
Pantheon Of Blood "Consociatio Solis Et Lunae" EP euros 5,00
Persistence In Mourning / Moloch "Cold War Plague" EP euros 5,00
Primigenium "Faith Through Anguish" LP euros 12,00
Runenblut "No Solution For Your Life… Just Suicide" LP euros 12,00
Sad "…And His Minions Shall Eternally Reign" EP euros 5,00
Silva Nigra "The New Age For The New God" GF LP euros 12,00
So Much For Nothing "Livsgnist" LP euros 12,00
Styggmyr "Gloria Sathanas" EP euros 5,00
Stürm Kommand / Uriburu / Endlosung (Russland) / Via Dolorosa / Holocaustus "United By Blood, Gathered By Iron" SPLIT EP euros 5,00
Taghut "Ejaculate Upon The Holy Qur'an" LP euros 12,00
Terdor "No Peace For Our Time!" EP euros 5,00
The Communion "A Desired Level Of Unease" LIMITED ONLY 100 HANDNUMBERED COPIES LP euros 13,00
Toil “Obscure Chasms” LP euros 13,00
Typhus "Profound Blasphemous Proclamation" GF LP euros 11,00
Unctoris "Vermis Misteria" in red printed case tissue LP euros 13,00
Vagrond "Regret" GF 2LP euros 16,00
Veèr "The Measure Of Waste" LP euros 12,00
V.E.G.A. "Cocaine" LP euros 11,00
Veineliis “Strained Movements towards imminent Death” LP euros 12,00
Veneror "Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte" LP euros 12,00
Vilkates “Satanic War” PIC LP euros 13,00
Vpaahsalbrox "14 Sovereign" Album repeats on both sides. LP euros 12,00
Waklevören "Brutal Agenda" LP euros 13,00
White Medal / Skullflower (Split) EP euros 4,00
White Medal / Instinct (Split) EP euros 5,50
White Medal / Caina (Split) LP euros 12,00
Wings Of War "Prepare For War" EP euros 5,00
Winterblut “The Pest Of...” SOLD OUT LP XXX XXX
Zedher's Coffin "Vortex Of Nothingness" LP euros 11,00
Zorn "Zorn EP 2011" BLU EP euros 6,00